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Galaxy S6 Case Lines Mosaic

€ 30.00

Samsung Galaxy S6 Case Lines Mosaic
The case is made of 100% natural wood and black matte plastic. Lines Mosaic case features 6 different wood pieces, precisely laser cut with each peace having its own unique pattern and color. It is made from two different wood types: dyed White Ash and Merbau. The finish applied on the product makes the case long lasting and provides high level of protection. At the same time it distinguishes your device with natural look and feel. We guarantee it!

Handmade and unique!
All wood cases are 100% handmade from real wood. Every Galaxy S6 Case Lines Mosaic differs with wood combinations and textures; therefore you can be sure that your purchased case will make your device one of the kind!

Made in Europe! Handmade, ships in 1-3 business days.